Welcome to the Defined benefit section of the Vaillant Group Pension Scheme website.

Before retirement
Start with the basics of the Pension Scheme, and make sure you are able to receive important updates.
Transfers out
Explore the option of transferring your benefits out of the Scheme.
Taking your pension
Understand the practicalities of taking your pension, and find out how your pension is calculated.
Death benefits
Find out how the Scheme protects your family, and let us know who you would like to receive any available benefits in the event of your death.
In retirement
Understand how your pension works once it is being paid, including how it increases and how it is taxed.
Useful information
Find out about how to change your details and send us queries. You can also find general pensions information here.
Newsletters & documents
Easily access your most recent Scheme booklets, forms and newsletters.
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