Did you know you make considerable tax and National Insurance (NI) savings on your pension contributions? This means that a £50 contribution might only reduce your take-home pay by £40, and where you contribute more these savings can really snowball. What's more, however much you contribute, Vaillant also make valuable contributions to your pension, and to boost this even further they also pass back the NI savings they make on the contributions they make for you.

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The calculator allows you to model the impact and cost of changing your contributions.

Any choices you make and the data that you enter will be erased when you’ve finished using the calculator. You also have a responsibility to ensure that you exit the site when you’ve finished with the calculator, ensuring you lock your screen if you leave your computer or device for any length of time.

The figures produced by the calculator are not guaranteed and may not reflect actual amounts, as you may have a personal tax code changing the threshold for different tax bands.

Contribution assumptions

The calculator shows the impact of changing your contributions, based on your annual pensionable salary. It assumes that:

  • contributions are made through salary sacrifice, and you therefore receive National Insurance savings.
  • you have no further taxable income above your pensionable salary.

Tax rates and thresholds are based on UK (excluding Scottish) figures for 2018/19:

  • Basic, higher and additional rate tax thresholds and rates are based on the UK figures for the tax year 2018/19.
  • The Personal Allowance for tax purposes is based on the UK figure for the tax year 2018/19. Your Personal Allowance can differ depending on your tax code. It is also assumed that your tax code entitles you to the standard Personal Allowance.
  • For the purposes of calculating tax relief on contributions, it is assumed that you have no taxable income in addition to your pensionable salary.

Please note that any differences in the Scottish rates of income tax and thresholds have not been taken into account.

Calculator rates and allowances in use

2018/19 values:

Standard Personal Allowance
0% - £11,850
Basic rate
20% on taxable income from £11,851 - £46,350
Higher rate
40% on taxable income from £46,351 - £150,000
Additional rate
45% on taxable income from £150,001 upwards
National Insurance standard rate
National Insurance upper rate
National Insurance threshold
Personal Allowance restriction point